LaunchYard was founded in 2013 with a clear mission to build global products by bringing world class engineers together as a solid team that shares a deep passion for technology. We’re proud to have worked with Y Combinator backed companies and have helped more than a dozen companies launch their products.

We strongly believe that building great products requires a product thinking DNA and it starts with a “customer first” approach. At LaunchYard, our passion for building great products reflects in everything we do; the development process we follow, our product design methodology, every line of code we write, or the way our sales team approach our customers. Keeping things simple, transparent and straight-forward for our customers and the team is our mantra. We advocate openness in communication, accountability and teamwork.

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As a team, we love hanging out with each other, watching movies, playing foosball matches, but can fight over the last slice of a pizza.

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“I had the good fortune of working with the LY team, and can't say enough good things about their technical talent and follow-through. They are super responsive, detail oriented and were able to clearly communicate problems when they arise. They understand the big picture, and have the rare ability to get things done.”
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Ehab BandarFounder, Foodfolio
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Aircto is a product by LaunchYard; built with lots of love, care and passion.
With aircto, our mission is to help companies identify expertise of the developers required for the job.